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The event is aimed at showcasing TAAT technologies, along with those from CORAF’s Centers of Specialization/Excellence, in order to open avenues for brokerage and uptake. It is seen as a platform for putting proven technologies and deliverables on the “market”, creating a situation where demand meets supply, and exposing them to potential “buyers”. The Fair will aim at establishing new partnership ventures with the private sector and other technology “buyers”. It will also help to further mainstream proven technologies into country agricultural programs, towards transformation and socio-economic development. In this regard the Fair will build upon the High-level Dialogue on Feeding Africa: Leadership to Scale up Successful Innovations, organized by AfDB and IFAD in April, 2021, and also leverage on the United Nations Food Systems Summit outcomes.\nKey Objectives of the Technology Fair\nThe Fair, essentially, is a “marketplace” event. It will have elements of Demand, Supply and Feasibility, driving its goal of increased technology uptake and mainstreaming towards agricultural transformation.\nThe key objectives are:\n\nTo showcase tested and proven technologies of TAAT and CORAF for agricultural transformation.\nTo deepen understanding and familiarization on the functioning and potential of the technologies\nTo familiarize stakeholders with technology profiling instruments and platforms of TAAT and CORAF for assessment and acquisition of technologies in response to demand.\nTo strengthen connections between technology ‘owners’ and the private sector and other technology users.\nTo establish new investment and collaborative partnerships that lead to project scaling and resource mobilization.\n\nTarget audience will include\n\nCountry Ministries of Agriculture and other relevant Ministries.\nRegional bodies (ECOWAS, UEMOA, CORAF, FARA, AFAAS, AUDA-NEPAD-Grow Africa, CILSS)\nNational Agricultural Research and Extension (NARES) organizations.\nCountry technology delivery organizations, including ADPs and NGOs.\nPrivate sector in agricultural value chain and transformation.\nDevelopment Partners (AfDB, BMGF, GIZ, IFAD, USAID, EU, World Bank, SDC and AGRA)\n\nFormat\nThe Technology Fair will be organized in HYBRID format. This means it will have a physical dimension (workshop, booths and field events); and virtual dimension through live-streaming and Zoom platform for external participants. Technology showcasing and brokerage will be provided through booth displays, demonstrations, and videos on various technology operations.\nExtensive communication products will be rolled out before, during, and after the event in collaboration with organizing partners through various media channels. A joint communication team of TAAT and CORAF will support the documentation, production, and dissemination of information materials such as publications, flyers, and videos on technologies in agricultural transformation.\nHosts\nThe Technology Fair is organized by TAAT and CORAF, under the auspices of ECOWAS. The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), and the Institut Sénégalais de Recherche Agricole-ISRA, will be co-hosts in this initiative.\nDates: 25-29 October 2021\nVenue: Venue: King Fahd Palace Hotel, Dakar – Senegal\nTime: 10hrs – 17h00 (GMT) daily\nDownload Presentation slides\nDay 1 Slides\n\nAn Emerging One CGIAR – A source of Technologies and Innovation: The WCA Context\nTAAT: An integrated Program that builds sustainable and resilient food systems\nSorghum and Millet Compact\nRice compact\nWheat Compact\nMaize Compact\nHigh-Iron Beans\n\nDay 2 Slides\n\nFall Armyworm Compact\nWater Enabler Compact\nAquaculture Compact\nCassava Compact\nOrange-fleshed sweet potato Compact\n\nDay 4 Slides\n\nDry cereals and associated crops\nRoots and Tubers\nFruits and Vegetables\nLivestock\nAquaculture\n\nDay 5 Slides\n\nTAAT Clearinghouse\nCORAF Informatics\n\nCALL TO ACTION: West Africa Technology Fair ( )\nUN APPEL A L’ACTION: La Foire des technologies agricoles de l’Afrique de l’Ouest ( )\nLive streaming links\nDay 1 (Morning):\nDay 1 (Afternoon):\nDay 2 (Morning):\nDay 2 (Afternoon): ( )\nDay 4 (Morning):\nDay 4 (Afternoon):\nDay 5:\n\n URL: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR