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Deployment of Combined Technologies to Smallholder Farmers in Kenya
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The Clearinghouse has identified opportunities to better respond to the needs of smallholder farmers who always plant multiple crops in mixed cropping systems and integrate them with animal enterprises. Agrodealers serving them must also stock several technologies. However, the work program of TAAT has been designed around Compacts focusing on single value chains or single cross-cutting themes. As the Coordinators of the Maize, Bean, Sweet Potato, Small Livestock and Policy SupportCompacts, and the Technical Adviser of the Youth in Agribusiness Compact are all located in Nairobi, Kenya, the Clearinghouse encouraged the design of combined toolkits to respond to the needs of small-scale farming customers, and for youth groups to capitalize upon agribusiness opportunities from these technologies.

TAAT Technology Toolkits and their Strategic Deployment
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The African Development Bank recently launched Feed Africa: A Strategy for Agricultural Transformation in Africa. This loan program is intended to unlock Africa’s agricultural potential and boost job creation with a view to diversifying African economies and to better meet the Strategic Development Goals related to poverty reduction and ending hunger and malnutrition. Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) is a flagship program within the Feed Africa Strategy aimed at modernizing African agriculture through the advancement of agricultural technology in a way that improves the business of agriculture across Africa, thus raising agricultural productivity, mitigating risks and promoting sustainable enterprise diversification.