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TAAT Clearinghouse Establishment and First Year Operations
Pages: 22
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A grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the Foundation) led to the rapid establishment and the effective operations of the Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) Clearinghouse Office in Cotonou, Benin during 2018. TAAT is a flagship program within the African Development Bank (AfDB) Feed Africa Strategy aimed at modernizing African agriculture through the advancement of agricultural technology in a way that improves the business of agriculture across Africa. The developmental objective of TAAT is to rapidly expand access of high yielding agricultural technologies to smallholder farmers as a means toward improving food production, assuring food security and raising rural incomes.
The Clearinghouse is the body within TAAT that decides on which technologies should be disseminated.
Moreover, it is charged to guide the deployment of proven agricultural technologies to scale in a developmentally- and commercially- sustainable fashion. The Foundation’s Clearinghouse project is based upon three Primary Investment Outcomes, six Intermediate Investment Outcomes and twelve Investment Outputs that provide the main structure for this report.