We now offer 2 TAAT Technology e-catalogs!

  • We have released specialized e-catalogs for governments and for the private sector, with additional functionality. Over the next few weeks, we will adapt the technology profiles to these audiences and prepare the new pitches that summarize the profiles and can be saved or printed for sharing.
  • To scale agricultural technology across Africa, TAAT connects technology holders with decision-makers who can adopt and deliver technologies to the farmers and processors who need them.
  • We empower decision-makers to pick the most appropriate technology for improved outputs and return on investment.

Decision-makers and Adopters

Contact us for details:


Technology holders

You have a technology that you think should be represented in our catalogs?


The e-catalogs will present the technologies and their most important characteristics for end-users and decision-makers.


You will be able to browse the catalogs online, and they will also provide tools to facilitate the selection of the most appropriate technologies for you.


Although the e-catalogs provide access to in-depth information about each technology, they also present high-level overviews that are easy to review and share, the pitches.


Each technology will have a pitch directed at each of its potential adopters. Here is a link to the existing pitches: