• Fast growing disease resistant quality fish seeds and improved fish rearing technologies for tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and hybrids of Heterobranchus species and Clarias species
  • High-quality low-cost fish feed using locally available raw materials
  • Improved post-harvest technologies and fish product development (value addition)
  • Through its emphasis on capacity building in quality catfish and tilapia seed; quality low-cost fish feed formulation and production; fish processing and value addition; Better Management Practices (BMPs) on feed formulation, breeding, improved fish rearing systems, fish processing and value chain development TAAT has contributed to increasing technical know-how, boosting production, and improving food and nutrition security.
  • Over 23,000 fish farmers across Africa have been trained on game-changing aquaculture technologies, with over 177 million fingerlings of catfish and tilapia of improved brood stock produced and distributed.
  • TAAT’s improved post-harvest technologies and fish product development include solar tent drying techniques, smoking kiln technology.  Improved rearing systems are in-pond raceway, cage culture techniques, recirculation techniques, raised pond technology, as well as
  • TAAT’s Interventions also facilitated access to quality, disease-resistant and fast-growing seeds and improved rearing technologies for tilapia, catfish and hybrids of Heterobranchus species and Clarias species, selection and management of broodstock for the production of quality fingerlings.
  • Over 127 million fingerlings were raised and released to 37,355 producers, resulting in productivity gains of over 60,000 MT worth about $188 million.
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