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Fish farming is the principal form of aquaculture and involves raising fish in tanks, net enclosures (cages), or ponds. Aquaculture accounts for more than 43% of global fish supply but only 2% in Africa, mainly from Egypt and Nigeria. Yet fish is in high demand and great opportunity exists for the production of tilapia and catfish. Increased production of farmed fish by 2 million t/y in Africa can increase fish consumption and greatly reduce current imports, but to completely replace projected imports requires an additional 5 million by 2025.
Through the TAAT Aquaculture compact (TAAT-AQC), African Development seeks to disseminate and upscale aquaculture technologies with a view to increasing aquaculture value chain actors’ productivity, increase fish protein consumption and enhance sustainability across the value chain. To achieve these, the compact aspires to create an enabling environment for technology adoption, facilitate effective delivery of technologies to aquaculture, value actors, and raise aquaculture production and productivity through identification and deployment of appropriate technologies. The TAAT-AQC seeks to create and improve access to improved fish seeds for 80% of fish farmers across twelve countries. This is targeted at achieving 20% increase in aquaculture production, 10-30% reduction in importation of fish, improved household nutrition and employment creation for youth in the value chain.


TAAT Aquaculture Compact (English)
Pages: 2
Doc type: PDF
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TAAT Aquaculture Compact (French)
Pages: 2
Doc type: PDF
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  • Fast growing, disease resistant quality fish seeds and improved fish rearing technologies for tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and hybrids of Heterobranchus species and Clarias species)
  • Quality low cost fish feed using locally available raw materials and
  • Improved post-harvest technologies and fish product development (value addition).
Professor Bernadette Tosan Fregene
Aquaculture Compact Leader
TAAT Programme
Worldfish Nigeria Office, AfricaRIce Building
IITA, Ibadan – Nigeria
Tel: +234 803 347 6184
Email: b.fregene(at)cigar.org

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