March 8, 2024

INVESTING IN WOMEN TO ACCELERATE PROGRESS: GEM parboiling technology has transformed my life and business – Mme Aissatou Camara

My name is Aissatou Camara, a rice parboiler and President of Société Coopérative Simplifiée des Femmes de GBEKE (SCOOPS-FG) and the Rice Innovation platform based in Bouaké, Cote d’Ivoire.

We started working with the TAAT programme in 2018 and received the GEM parboiling technology.

Previously, we used wood for steaming, which emits a lot of smoke. With the GEM parboiler technology, we use rice husk, which is a clean fuel that doesn’t blacken our pots.

Before the GEM system, we parboil only 5 bags of rice per week, but now we parboil at least 50 bags a week. Also, we previously sold our rice at 350 FCFA per kg because of its poor quality, but thanks to the new technology, we sell 1 kg of rice at 1000 FCFA.

The increased volume and better results have boosted my income and that of our women in the Cooperative. Today I can easily send my children to school and university.

We encourage TAAT to continue supporting women groups to acquire this GEM parboiler, as this is an activity dominated by women in Africa.