March 8, 2024

INVESTING IN WOMEN TO ACCELERATE PROGRESS: “TAAT Technologies have transformed our lives” – Francoise Niangne

Mme Francoise Niangne at the TAAT Rice Compact Showcase

I am Mrs Françoise NIANGNE, the Manager of Société Coopérative, Agriculture Nouvelle Génération (ANGE).

After participating in TAAT’s capacity-building sessions, we received improved rice varieties from seed companies, which gave us yields of over 6T/ha, as opposed to the traditional seeds we used before TAAT, which yielded 2.5T/ha.

There has been a considerable positive impact on my socio-economic well-being and that of the members of the Cooperative. For example, the increased income generated upon adopting TAAT technologies enabled me to move my daughter to a school of excellence. We would like the TAAT programme to continue so other women can benefit from it.