October 16, 2023

SOMALIA: TAAT holds Capacity Building Programme for Women and Youth

A view of the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Immigration, ENABLE-TAAT’s Business Development Officer and the Trainees.

Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT), in collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia through its Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MOAI) and the Somalia National University, has held a groundbreaking 14-day capacity-building programme for youths and women.

Participants, comprised of students, graduates, farmers, cooperatives, and ministry staff, acquired vital skills in agribusiness management, business plan development, and marketing of agrifood produce towards running successful agribusiness enterprises.

The capacity building programme, which was facilitated by the TAAT Youth In Agribusiness Compact (ENABLE-TAAT), focused on the introduction to TAAT technologies and soft skills necessary to effectively manage and function in a unit. The hybrid training had 105 trainees in physical attendance while 81 youths joined online.

At the end of the training which held from 28th August to 11th of September 2023 in Mogadishu, 75 business plans were developed, submitted and finalized by the Compact’s Business Development Officer; Idowu Osun who led the capacity building activities.

During the close-out session for the training, Professor Mohamoud Mohamed Mohamoud, the Director General of MoA&I, stressed the trainees’ role as ambassadors of knowledge, urging them to share their expertise through innovative agribusiness ventures or enhancing existing ones. His words ignited passion among them.

Honorable Ahmed Madoobe Nuunow, the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, inspired the trainees with his vision, emphasizing continuous learning through lectures and online programs. He envisioned them as creators transforming Somalia’s agriculture, not just job seekers, and pledged enduring support from more training activities from the Ministry, ENABLE-TAAT, and IITA.

This training initiative, supported by the Somali Agriculture Minister and the Director-General, stands as a beacon of hope and progress. By empowering these individuals with knowledge and skills, ENABLE-TAAT is nurturing a generation of agricultural entrepreneurs in Somalia, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for Somalia.