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The TAAT OFSP Compact is led by the International Potato Center (CIP) with partnerships in eight countries located in Central, East, Southern and West Africa. The compact is leading efforts at strengthening sector-wide human and institutional capacity to integrate OFSP into African Food Systems and Markets for increased incomes.

The compact pursues three specific objectives:

  • Increased productivity and production of OFSP among smallholder and large-scale farmers
  • Improved incomes from roots and processed OFSP based products along the value chain
  • Create awareness about the nutritional benefits and the availability of OFSP fresh roots and processed products


  • Building OFSP Seed System within each country to ensure high quality seed
  • Good agronomic practices
  • Vines conservation to ensure material lasts longer in the farmers field
  • Nutrition trainings for food diversity – pull mechanism for adoption
  • Household and processor level trainings of product development and marketing
  • Post-harvest handling in harvesting and storage
  • Linking producers to the market – processors, restaurants and wet markets


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  • High in Vitamin A

  • High yielding – most of the varieties yield above 25 T/Ha and can get up to 40 T/Ha compared to the farmers varieties that yield 3 – 7 T/Ha

  • Early maturing – between 3 – 4.5 months compared to farmers varieties that mature between 5 – 7 months

  • Some varieties are drought tolerant

  • Moderate to high sweet potato virus tolerant

  • Silage technology for animal feed

Paul Demo
Ph.D., OFSP Compact Leader, International Potato Center,
International Potato Center (CIP), Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office, ILRI Campus, P. O. Box 25171 – 00603, NAIROBI
Tel: +254 422 3682 | Cell: +254 711 830302
p.demo (at) cgiar.org